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Drinking of Raki
Unknown informations about Raki

Why does the raki become white colour?

The taste and the odour of raki comes from a scent including volatile oil taking from aniseed being an oily seed.

During the distillation, the seeds of aniseed transmite the oil being inside of it to the alcohol.

The ambient alcohol keeps the oil as solved.

But the adding of water at the table decreases the amount of alcohol and the amount of alcohol comes down not to keep the oil as solved.

Thus, he molecules of oild starts to refract in the forms that we sense it as white.

So it is the reason that the raki becomes white when you add water into it.

Why is the raki being 45° ?

Kinds of 45o representing higher quality amoung the rakis is also including more abundant scent of aniseed.

The rakis including the lower alcohol reaches an image like cloudy fastly when it is frozen like in fridge.It is produced with less aniseed not to get this result.

Why does crystallisation happen in the bottle? What should be done?
If the raki is cooled by 7o and less than it, the scent of aniseed starts to crystallisation.

Thus, the appearance forms as if there were flakes in the raki. ( in some regions, the raki is said as ‘raki with flakes’.).

.). The necessity of having of seed of aniseed is not felt in raki being in this situation.

If the raki was naturally warmed by means of room temperature in this situation, it could be consumpted again without any problem.

Why does the crystallisation of glass happen and what should do for it?
It can be preferred that the water used for drinking with raki is cold .

When the ice is added to the chalice prepared in this way, the seed of aniseed will crystallise and willbe exposed to be cold.

Crystalles become attached to the near of glass and the moires on the glass appear .

The taste and odour of that rakiare not be accepted.

The new chalice should be prepared without usng any ice or with the less number of ice.

The Glass of raki
Theraki was drunk with chalice said as ‘ neck of stork’ as sec and in pursuit of it a sip of water was drunk in the past.

On the other hand, the raki is drunk with the glass said as ‘glass of lemonate’ by adding water todays.

It can be rarely preferred the glass of tea known as slender too.

The service of raki with ice
It is an opinion accepted by everyone that the raki should be drunk as cold.

At this point, the separate is about the raki whether the ice is added or not.

Todays, the person drinking the raki as sec and being a few number drink the raki or by cool it with its bottle with iced or cool water. ( even they cool seperately its glass).

But there is a point that should be attended the ice should not be added if water was not added into the raki.

The sudden contact of raki with ice causes the crystallisation of substances or seed of aniseed and grape and this causes small changes of taste of raki.

İt is not suggesthat the adding of ice to the cold or sec raki because it causes crystallisation of raki.

Not to change of the taste taken from raki at the beginning and ending of drinking, the best way of quaff is that the raki should be cooled and water should also be cooled if it will be added and it should be drunk with the glasses preserved in reckless .

The reckless
The reckless comes from the word of arabic ehl and keyf. The meaning of it is the person being self indulgent .

The reckless is also a substance used for serving of raki.

The glass is placed in the free field of apparatus during the serving of raki after the frozen of that substance by adding water inside its chamber in the fridge.

The ice surrounding glass prevents the raki becoming warm and also it does not dilution the raki.

The raki, appetizer and table
The raki is not a drink drunk alonely. It is a spirit that it is slowly drunk with an appetizer.

It is acoompanist of foods. Bu yüzdendir ki kültürümüzde raki sofrası diye bir terim oluşmuştur.. So thus, the term ‘table of raki’ has been formed in our country.

The table of raki is an action that there are at least two people, is a democratic forum where the chats being mutual are seen, personal and cosmic problems are seen, idea exchange is also seen, it is an setting where a person set account with himself/herself and also thinks aloudly.

It hould not be forgotten that the raki is a society being respecful.

The person attending to this society has to respect both to other people and also seen as s/He has got respectful characteristic.