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Code of conduct

The members of TSPA have agreed on some common principles to be followed when conducting production, sales and marketing activities.

Members will not refrain from openly challenging behaviors that contradict with these principles.

TSPA members will act according to the related regulations of Competition Board of Turkey and Tobacco and Alcohol Board of Turkey.

According to but not limited to existing regulations, consumers’ reaching to desired brands with favorable conditions at all sales outlets will be monitored and supported.

Responsibility for compliance and ethics:
TSPA members wil support fair conditions in the market by complying with the regulations and general business ethics.

Accurate reporting and accounts:
TSPA members will fully declare all purchase, production, tax stamp usage and sales performed.
Quality and innovations:
TSPA members will improve and protect the quality of their brands by applying the highest quality standards. They will be consistent and value creating in their innovations and communicate transparently.
Health and safety:
TSPA members will promote the culture of safely doing business and support consumers’ reaching to the healthy products through all their activities.
Responsible drinking:
TSPA members understand the nature and effects of alcohol. They will support responsible behaviours in trade, marketing and consumption.