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The Categories of Raki
The definition of Raki

According to the Codex of Turkish Food, the description and features of raki are as the following:

Raki is the distilled alcohol drink which is produced by the distillation of aniseed with only suma or agricultural based ethyl alcohol of mixed suma within the 5000 liter or lesser bulky traditional copper distiller in Turkey of raki

At least %65 of the second time gathered total alcohol for the distillation amount should be suma at the production

- Refined white sugar should be used at the preparation, amount of the maximum sugar should be 10 grams on the product list.

- Volatile substance index, should be equal 100 grams or more at the hectolitre of %100 alcohol by volume.

- Methyl alcohol index should not be more than 150 grams at the hectolitre of %100 alcohol by volume.

- The anethol amount of the essential oil which comes from the aniseed, should be at least 800 miligrams on the product list.

- The alcohol amount should be %40 by volume.

- Should be resettled for a mount before the filling.

Thanks to the inovations from private sector, there are now new raki product sub-categories which adhere to the general description and features of raki

that are now available for consumers. TSPA believes that the innovation in the Raki is necessary to compete with import spirits and should continue to evolve further.

Contemporary Categories of Raki:
Classic raki :
It is made by the distillation of suma and ethyl alcohol (maximum 35% of the volume) and with addition of aniseed in the second distillation in copper alembics.
Fresh Grape Raki :
It is produced thru distillation of fresh grape suma in alembics and then second distillation with the addition of of aniseed.

It should be made with 100% fresh grapes to be entitled with the inscription of ‘Fresh Grapes Raki’ in product label.

In other words, this product cannot contain neither suma of dry grape nor the ethyl alcohol obtained from agricultural ingredients other than grape.

Triple Distilled Raki :
Suma is three times distilled in alembics and aniseed is added at each distillation phase.
Organic Raki :
It made with organic suma in alembics with the addition of organic aniseed.

It requires a recognized organic certification that endorse organic standards of grapes, aniseed and the production process.

”Göbek” Raki :
During the distillation of suma with aniseed in the alembics, the first and the last part of distilled product is discarded;

only remaining superior quality batch that is called “göbek”, in Turkish meaning belly, is kept.

In other words, distillation is a continous process and göbek raki consist of the batch obtained in the middle part of this process.

Raki matured in oak barrels :
It follows the same basic production principals of Raki, except the product is matured in oak barrels after distillation process.

Final product has distinctive colour, flavour and taste thanks to oak barrel aging.

Aged raki :
It follows the same basic production principals of Raki, then aged in oak barrels for a duration of time that is stated on the bottle.

Raki is micro-oxidized thanks to porous structure of oak barrels and and it gains a distinctive flavour, taste and colour with oak barrel aging.

Raki without added sugar :
It follows the same basic production principals of Raki, except in cutting phase, no sugar added.