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Economical Significance

The raki sector is one of the few sectors that supply majority of its production inputs domestically. Although the inputs of industry are provided largely from foreign resources in Turkey, raki sector uses local raw materials close to a rate of 100%. The exports of raki is increasing and has a positive contribution to foreign trade deficit of Turkey.

By 2013:

Export value: 25,3 million USD

Size of domestic market: 3,2 billion TL

SCT incurred: 1,54 billion TL

Value Added Tax incurred: 482,9 million TL

Value of grapes used: 113,5 million TL

Value of aniseeds used: 14,2 million TL

Value of bottles used: 36,5 million TL

Value of labels used: 27,4 million TL

Value of caps used: 27,4 million TL

Value ofother packing material used: 3,0 million TL

Value of transportation used: 12,7 million TL